Dear Matthew

Dear Matthew

Dear Matthew,

Last night was everything; thank you. You are an inspiration. Solo travel isn’t easy, and neither is making new friends, so I applaud you. You nailed your first night in NYC and I’ll remember you always.

It’s been said that people come into each other’s lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I think the reason you wandered over to us last night was to teach me not be to so quick to judge and allow me to realize that the men can simultaneously admire and respect me (historically, it’s been one or the other). I’ve had a rough fe weeks, but I did not remember any of that last night. Thank you for being the reason I smiled and laughed last night.

Matthew, I hope you find a way to take that improv class at UCB. I hope you dress up as David S. Pumpkins for Halloween and find two B-boy skeletons to rock out with you. I hope the next six weeks in New York are amazing. I hope you meet more nice New Yorkers who defy the stereotype. I hope you dance (Too Close will always be our song)! I hope OK Cupid and TInder are fruitful. I hope you make lots of new friends. I hope you get back to Australia safely. I hope you don’t dwell on your social anxiety (I really couldn’t tell). But most of all, I hope you continue being you — you’re dope as fuck.

Have a Guinness for me (or maybe not 😝).

All the best,
Réal xoxo


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