My Year of Abstinence

My Year of Abstinence

There’s something about my birthday that sends me into a deep contemplative state every single year. Sometimes, I am super sad; sometimes I am super happy. Often, I make impulsive decisions like cutting or coloring my hair, drastically changing my appearance, etc. This year was no different, however, instead of taking out my “frustrations” and “confusion” and “uncertainties” on my hair or appearance, I decided to try something different; something that would allow me to reconnect with who I am at the core of my being and challenge me to be better.

I wasn’t sure what that “thing” would be, but when I came across “My Year of Abstinence,” a blog written by a journalist I recently worked with, I knew I found it. I was so inspired by the writer’s journey, that I decided to embark on my own year of abstinence.

While the obvious things to abstain from would be sex and alcohol — sex is easy and I don’t drink — I am taking a different route. Although the items on this list may be trivial to some, they are things that I know aren’t “positive” and aee easy for me to overlook — but I LOVE a good challenge.

Over the next 365 days, I will abstain from the following:

  • Being Petty: I’m going to try and take things in stride and not add snark where there otherwise does not need to be.
  • Taking Selfies: I have a serious problem and I want to be less of a narcissist. At times, I can take almost 50-60 selfies per day.
  • Eating Candy: Again, I have a problem. I am obsessed with candy — anything sweet, really.
  • Dating: I’m over it. I don’t want anymore boyfriends. I am focused on the future with my life partner, so I’m only interested in a courtship.
  • Speaking Negatively: Self explanitory.
  • Cussing Off People: I do this way too much.
  • Eating Bacon: I need to stop this shit.
  • Blank Staring: My default for not calling people morons.
  • Kissing my teeth: There’s nothing like a big stinking dutty chupz to start off a good cussing session.
  • Researching the Truth: So, I’ve been OD with the conspiracy theories lately and been going down too many rabbit holes.

I started today (and I’m already 5/10), but I am going to keep it up because I want to see how my overall health and well-being will change over the course of the year. Here’s to being a bit more balanced and chilled out.



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  1. Good luck to you on your journey of self-awareness! It’s amazing when we can self-reflect and realize how much something (good, bad or indifferent) has a firmhold in our life. Would love to see/hear how you make it through.

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